Catriona Fray is a pleasantly striking juxtaposition between a powerhouse rockstar and an endearingly sweet-natured young actress. She has an extensive training singing, dancing, and acting from UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television and has studied with Bob Garrett for vocal performance and Anthony Meindl Studio for acting. She is most recently played Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors,  toured the country in Beehive for Plan B Entertainment, performed in Sister Act at Cabrillo Music Theatre! While at UCLA, she was in Carousel (Julie Jordan) and had the pleasure of working with Lainie Kazan in her Cabaret Tribute to Frank Sinatra at UCLA. She also was a featured soprano in the UCLA ScatterTones a cappella group for 4 years and sang at the White House, Hollywood Bowl, the Town Hall in New York, and Alaska opening for Pentatonix. Her new outside projects include performing as the legendary Dale Bozzio in the Missing Persons Tribute band, Noticable Ones and teaching voice and piano lessons!

In The Press

Catriona Fray portrayed Audrey, Seymour's innocently sweet and doe-eyed girlfriend, with remarkable ease. Her bright, beautiful, and always on-pitch voice added to the warmth of Audrey's pure character. Fray gave an impassioned performance that was a pleasure to watch. - George Brietigam,

Marguerite, played Catriona Fray, a newcomer to this production, is a  tremendous contribution to the show. Fray’s take on Marguerite is spot on with a singing voice that is sweet, controlled and multifarious—every song is a gem where radiant colors abound. -   Ryan M. Luévano

Fray displays terrific stage presence as Julie, and sings to perfection, Fray showing off a glorious soprano in “What’s The Use Of Wond’rin”

- Steven Stanley, StageScene LA

Catriona Fray as the Baker's Wife (great voice, superb stage presence)

- Donald Munro, Fresno Bee

Fray does a beyond professional job in playing Lucy. She avoids falling into the trap of playing Lucy too slutty or throwing a pity party for herself. Fray finds a confidence in Lucy, and sticks with it to the point where the audience is rooting for Lucy and Jekyll just as much as you are for Emma and Jekyll. Fray’s belting voice does absolute justice to her opening song, “Bring on the Men,” Act 1 cry, “Someone Like You,” and the Act 2 number, “A New Life.”

- The Road to 1,000 with Marc Gonzalez

[Noticeable Ones] is fronted by Catriona Joelle Fray, who brings the same charm and quirkiness that the famed Dale Bozzio pioneered, while blending in her own uniqueness and vocal prowess.